Foundation Quarter Horses
Lady Palm Ranch
In memory of  my Dad,
Nivardo Beaton Sr.
1923 - 2011

  Beaton Cattle Co.
Coal is 2.5 years old has his 7 month old Bull calf and Mimi is due in July.
Mission : Providing organic grass fed beef and milk using a Fodder system to feed our Cattle ensuring a high quality diet to promote maximum growth and herd development.
Continuing to improve our Cattle we have selected a proven Sire (Coal) to ensure we have a low birth weight calve with a rapid growth, this will ensure calving with ease and reduce the possibility of birth complications.  We take the time to check all the cows prior to breeding to avoid all imperfections with the mind set to total improvement of the herd at all times.

The Practice: To properly manage a small herd of twenty five mama cows and one Bull on a 2.5 acres.
These cows will produce a minimum of four gallons per day Milking once per day granting a milk production daily of 100 gallons, the milk hi on fat and butter will be used to produce a hi quality cheese to cater to a boutique market.
The mama cows will deliver 25 calve per year they will play an intricate part in the herd development as all heifers will become milk producers and the bulls will be sold as a hi quality organic beef or as a herd reproducer to continue the improvement of our brand.

The Environment :
Mother nature a well oiled machine that continues to preserve our environment, we will do the same in employing practices that will keep our Animals in good health as we know this is way to prosperity.
As the world turns on its axis our population continues to grow as well as the demand for quality foods such as poultry, dairy products and beef however the agricultural lands are constantly consumed by the vast development of our population making impossible to Supply the demand of our gorse products Without using hormone or other enhancing drugs. We choose to stay 100% organic to ensure the quality of lives we all deserve so we will take one more step to ensure a full circle of Mother Nature to conserve the environment.
To achieve a full circle we have to rake clean all the cow manure daily this will be taking to a drier where it turn into compost and sold as 100% cow manure. (The Beaton Cattle Co.)