I am an avid fan of the US Open for many years now. I thought I know everything about the sport. But I discovered that there are a lot of things I didn’t know.

How long have you been a fan of the US Open? Whether you have only been fallen in love with the sport for a few months or years already, I tell you what. There’s more to learn.

But your long search is finally over. This guide got you covered. I hope this could help broaden your knowledge as a player or hobbyist as well.

Famous Players with Record-Breaking Achievements

While many talented tennis players would have thought that a 19-year-old Pete Sampras would become the youngest male champion in the US Open Tennis history? Well, Pete Sampras brought home the title in 1990. At a very young age, he is known for his tremendous shot, making him the talk of the town.

He also excels in return of serve, forehand, backhand, and passing shots. His movement is very smooth. His net game, on the other hand, is on a different level. No wonder he is the first-ever youngest male US Open champion.

For the women’s division, Tracy Austin got the record. For only 16 years and eight months, she brought home the 1979 US Open championship, making her instant famous during that time. Two years after, she won the 1981 US Open. She once became the World’s number 1 professional tennis player.

But age does not matter to William Larned and Molla Mallory. William, for instance, won a US Open championship in 1911 when he was already 38 years old. Molla was 42 years old.

If you have been playing tennis for over a few decades already without getting any award or championship, do not be disappointed. William and Molla proved that age is just a number. We never know you would be a tennis champion soon. With patience and dedication, you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Established in 1881

The US Open is the second oldest Grand Slam. The first-ever US National Championship was held in1881. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament, founded in 1877.

Before, only the men’s singles and doubles events were conducted. But with the organization’s attempt to provide equal opportunities for every aspiring athlete, women’s singles events were added in 1887. But the good news did not stop there. In 1889, women’s doubles were included in the programme, expanding the US Open’s popularity and growth.

Held in Multiple Venues

Probably, you only think of a hard court. But the truth is that the US Open is considered the only major to have been played on grass and clay court.

From 1881 up to 1974, the US Open was held on a grass court. Then, the organization changed it to clay. But it did not last for a long time. It only started in 1975 and ended in 1977.

With the inconvenience associated with a grass or clay court, the US Open built its very own hard courts in 1978, increasing the player’s safety and peace of mind.

The USTA National Tennis Center

You probably have heard of the famous USTA National Tennis Center. But what is it really? The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center was formerly  known as the USTA National Tennis Center. It is home to 22 hard courts, accommodating a large number of spectators. It also consists of the Arthur Ashe Stadium – recognized as the world’s largest tennis stadium. Packed with a cutting-edge facility, it has a retractable roof.

As the largest tennis stadium, it can accommodate more than 23,771 spectators aside from the players and coaching staff.

Serena and Venus Williams Meet in the Finals

Sisters are supposed to be supporting each other. But Serena and Venus became the first sisters who played against each other in a grand slam final, where Venus won the match.

As a much-anticipated game of the year, the championship receives approximately 22.7 million American viewers.

Although they usually are opponents in tennis hard courts, they are on good terms in real life.

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