Every first Sunday of February, millions of people throughout the US and other parts of the globe watch the Super Bowl – the biggest entertainment event in the country annually.

And I am one of those fans who never miss the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) ever since when I was young.

The Super Bowl, an annual culmination of the NFL season, holds a special place in the hearts of millions, transcending the boundaries of sports to become a cultural phenomenon. It’s not just about determining the season’s champion; it’s a celebration of competition, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. As a fan, the Super Bowl is more than just a game-it’s an experience etched into my memory. What makes it even more special is the unique way I express my fervor for the sport: through the cherished tradition of collecting NFL trading cards. I even used to buy an NFL Mystery Box every now and then, to experience the excitement of discovering rare and valuable football cards. These little pieces of history encapsulate iconic moments from the season, immortalizing the players who’ve left an indelible mark on the game. As I eagerly await the Super Bowl, the thrill is intensified by the prospect of adding cards featuring standout performances from the championship game to my collection, creating a tangible link between me, my favorite players, and the historic event that is the Super Bowl.

In 2020, while everyone stays at home because of the Covid-19, Fox estimated approximately 102.1 million viewers, making it the tenth most watched Super Bowl in history.

Have you ever wondered why Super Bowl is one of the much-awaited events in the US? Well, I also have the same thought. For many years of watching the Super Bowl, here are some reasons why the championship game of the NFL becomes a non-official holiday among Americans, I believe:

Live Performances from Our Favorite Celebrities

Yes, this is one of the things I really look forward to during the Super Bowl. For sure, some of you could relate to.

With many celebrities that already performed during Super Bowl, the duo of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorites.

More than the artists’ singing prowess, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez never disappoint me with their dancing moves. They prove that age was just a number, after all. No wonder their performance alone recorded a whopping 103 million viewers!

Beyonce’s fierce performance is another favorite of mine. Apart from the jawdropping stage design and trendy outfits, her excellent dancing and singing skills always amaze me. She’s indeed Queen B for a reason.

But before Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira, Michael Jackson was the first blockbuster halftime show. Everyone would surely agree, right?

The Intensity of the Game

Aside from the artists’ breathtaking performances, the championship game is intense. The defense, for instance, is more intriguing than any type of sports, I think.

There are diving catches in in baseball, whereas, in basketball, there are blocks. In football, on the other hand, it has the overall excitement on defense.

Although the offense is king, the defense in American football can generate as much intensity and excitement as a long pass or touchdown can.

Defensive touchdowns are among the most exciting plays in American football for me.

There can also be a great deal of excitement due to sports betting that friends and family members might place on their favorite team during Superbowl. In addition, some may choose to bet online and perhaps go through a guide on how to bet on NFL online, which makes the game much more alive and exhilarating.

The players also give me goosebumps. Their competitiveness is contagious, too. Although it is only broadcast on TV, I could really feel their desire to bring home the bacon.

Fun Commercials

I did not know if it is normal, but I always laugh every time I watch the ads during Super Bowls. Yes, they are extremely fun and witty sometimes. But did you know that a 30-second ad cost approximately $5.5 million in 2020? In-game ad revenue in the 2020 Super Bowl was around $448.7 million, which is not surprising at all, according to Kantar. This price might sound exorbitant, but it is actually carefully decided using analysis tools. Networks airing the Superbowl use pricing tools similar to Conjointly’s Van Westendorp PSM and other market factors to decide what the cost of airtime will be. And clearly, it works because the price keeps going up and companies line up to pay it.

Fox also reported their pregame and postgame ads generated around $600 million in 2020 alone.

No wonder its audiences of all ages much anticipate the commercials throughout the Super Bowl.

The Never-Ending Rivalries

Yes, the rivalries in Super Bowl give me an adrenaline rush. We’re human, after all.

Rivalry in sport is rampant. Baseball has the Red Sox and the Yankees. Ice hockey has the Red Wings and Blackhawks. Basketball has Lakers and Celtics. But don’t get me wrong. The rivalries in American football are more intense for me. Rivalries have been an interesting part of basketball for die-hard fans. A lot of people show their loyalty to the teams by purchasing their merchandise. This can include, figurines, backpacks, phone covers, etc. Some fans even get custom t-shirts embroidered (from Mato and Hash or from similar embroidery service providers) with the team logo to show their allegiance to the team. That said, a few of the rivalries I could not forget are the Redskins/Cowboys, Packers/Bears, and Raiders/Steelers, to name a few. But I can’t help but be more excited when the team I have been supporting since day one wins. I also witnessed my bias fail a couple of times already. But it is always part of the game.

If you are a fan of basketball or baseball. It is time to watch the Super Bowl. Most sports have that high level of intensity and excitement. But the fun in Super Bowl is beyond your imagination. From the live performances of your favorite artists to the battle between NFL clubs, you can witness everything you are looking for in the world of sports.

It is no surprise the Super Bowl seems like a holiday among Americans. So, it is never too late to become a fan of this biggest entertainment event in the country!