It all started in a small gym named Lady Palm Ranch. It was sport that gave us the opportunity to train every day and overcome our limitations. It is sport that has shown us what it is like to train when there is no more strength or desire to train. It was sports that also made us realize how much of a difference results make when backed by proper rest and conscious recovery.

The problem is that we learned from our mistakes. You shouldn’t!

Lean on our experience, which comes from many years at the highest, world-class level and working with the world’s best professionals. We want to share this experience with you through New Level Sport – a place where you will find only proven information and solutions with proven effectiveness.


Let us be honest – our goal is not to convince you to buy another product in our offer. Our ambition is not to sell the most training products. Our motivation is not to find another gadget to dust on your shelf.

Our motivation is what surrounds us every day and that means making daily compromises. No matter where you are, you hear about trade-offs. In sports, fitness, rehabilitation. Everywhere. But it’s up to you to make those compromises.

Do we? Definitely not!

We don’t want you to look for just any path to success. Look for the best ones.

We don’t want you to be a better version of yourself. Be the best version of yourself.

We don’t want you to train well. Train your best.

No matter what you do – give it your all and forget about compromising!